The Not So Fun Bar Test

So normally most people think Bar and associate that word with good times but for a select few it has a completely different meaning. In 2015 we have hit an all time low for passing this incredibly challenging law test. This last year of 2015 the pass percentage has dropped to about 48%. This means many hard working people will fail and try to take the test many times to pass that one special time.

So to make things even more difficult you can be a parent as well. Trying to study for a law BAR test and manage a family takes serious dedication. In many cases people dedicate their whole daily life to study and prep for this test. If you are one of the select crazy ones few to have a family and want to become a lawyer you are in for a tough journey. This being said its not impossible but you should prepare to push yourself to new limits and dedication.

We strive to give tips and life hacks to prepare you for that special day of your first attempt at passing the bar while managing your family. Also if you are one of these select few people who are raising a family while preparing for your bar exam we would love to hear some tips and articles on how you are managing everything.

Get help and ask questions to top lawyers in your area. This will give you a better grasp on questions and laws you don’t understand. I have picked  the top Criminal Defense Attorney In San Diego Alex Ozols. He has been nice enough to respond to emails and answer my questions.

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