Safest Cities for a Mom To Practice Law in California

It is already hard enough to be a lawyer but being a mom makes it even harder. We often get asked a lot of questions about where is the safest place to practice law. People obviously want to be able to have a safe place for their kids to grow up. We have looked all around the Internet and put a list together of safest cities in California. The statistics out there are based on the amount of crime in the area per capita, taking into account the population. Everywhere, in every post we looked at, the safest place to live was Hillsboro, California. In 2015 they had no violent crime whatsoever. Violent crime would include rape, robbery, murder or aggravated assault and they had none. Their property crime rate as at a very low: 5 per 1000 people. That means that if you are living in that area the chances of you being a victim of a violent crime are 0% and the chances of you being involved in a property crime are 1 in 200. Lets compare that to Oakland California, which was recently named in a crime report about dangerous cities to be the most dangerous city in California. Ozols Law Firm noted that if you live in Oakland the chances of you being a victim of a property crime are an astounding 1 in 16. Over 10 times higher than in Hillsboro.

The second safest city to live would be Rancho Santa Maria, which is a city in Orange County, California. It has a violent crime rate of about .34 per 1000 people. Making the chances of you being the victim of a violent crime extremely low. Their property crime rate was at around 5 in every 1000 people again being at around a 1 in 200 ratio.

If you have a family and you are practicing law it is important you live somewhere safe with your children. When looking into this make sure that you do your research and move to somewhere, where the crime rate is low and your family can grow up knowing that they are safe and have a bright future ahead of them.

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