Introducing CJ

Our third (and final) little guy is finally here.October 24, 7:50p – 7lbs, 13oz, 20 1/4″

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The last few weeks of pregnancy were absolutely miserable – drowning in work and throwing up constantly (with that lovely puke-and-pee feature of a woman who has already had two kids… TMI, sorry).  The plus side?  Already in pre-pregnancy clothes at two weeks postpartum.

I was scheduled for an induction on Friday, October 25.  Best laid plans…. That Tuesday my father called me on my way home from work.  We had a tense discussion and then my back exploded in pain.  Came into house and told husband I felt lousy.  Got very little sleep and dragged myself to daycare and work Wednesday morning wondering how on earth I would make it through two more days.  My work had thrown me a little breakfast.  Followed that with fast-paced meetings trying to go through things with my staff.  I noticed that one of the men who almost never wears cologne that I am aware of suddenly smelled incredibly overpowering.  That should have been a hint.  Around 11 a.m., I got up to go to the bathroom and I could barely walk.  My thighs were shaking, I felt sick to my stomach and I knew something was off.  My admin said “Maybe you should go home” and I was like “um…yeah, good idea.”   She got boss and boss was like “we could call you a cab.”  Hahaha, clearly my boss is not a lawyer.

Fortunately one of the attorneys had the presence of mind to firmly say no, I was neither to drive nor go in some random cab, and she offered to drive me.  We were going to drive to my house but as we drove off I realized that was incredibly dumb.  My house is about 45-60 minutes from the very large hospital in which I was to deliver.  Fortunately my doctor’s office is across the street from the hospital so I had her drive that way, figuring OB would send me one place or the other.  Ended up in the hospital in L&D and Mr. V and Pumpkinhead got a ride down from my mother in order to pick up our van; coworker’s husband drove her back to work after my husband finally let her go.

Labored all of Wednesday with regular bloodwork to monitor the level of meds still in my body.  They gave me demerol and phenergan and let me sleep overnight.  By morning, I was almost 4cm.  They had told us Wednesday night that they would add pitocin and an epidural Thursday AM so Pumpkinhead and Mr. V went home and planned to return first thing.  They got there around 6:30 and pit was started.  That’s when the fun began.  Nurse came in about 45 minutes into pitocin dosage and told me that she had to stop it because blood tests were still bad.  Because I had been on blood thinners to prevent another blood clot, they couldn’t give me an epidural without risking a brain bleed.  I was suddenly faced with a scenario I had never contemplated – a pain-med-free birth.  Let me tell you, ladies, I just about lost it.  I was both scared and panicked at the idea.  They could also have done a c-section but it would mean 1) knocking me completely out – again, no spinal needles allowed and 2) another abdominal surgery (I’ve had more surgeries than I have fingers, folks…)  So it looked like I needed to labor and pray that the levels would go down.  They told me they would run another set of labs at 7p to see where I was at but, ugh, OB would NOT induce me at 7p but wait until the next day instead because they can’t start an induction when another colleague is on call.  That was horrifying on many levels – the idea that I might progress on my own without meds, the idea that Pumpkinhead would miss yet another day of school (he really wanted to be there), etc., etc.

I think my panic worried them.  I was ready to call for a c-section.  Yes, I am a wuss.  My OB came over around 2p and spoke with the anesthesiologist.  He agreed to run a different type of test and, if all well, give me an epidural.  Of course that was the winner and my epidural went in around 4:15p.  Knowing my OB wanted to leave around 7, good patient that I am, I delivered CJ at 7:50p with about 2 blissfully pain-free pushes. But that is when OB realized that the early labor and back pain was due to a partial placental abruption – placenta had ripped off uterine wall.  Baby had wrapped cord as well.  She said I was incredibly lucky I had been laying still for two days on a monitor!  She couldn’t believe he wasn’t distressed by both things.

Pumpkinhead was first to meet him after Mr. V and he was in love.  We introduced Baby J the following day and it was more happy brother time.  Posts to come about each kid’s acting out due to household changes but punchline is they both love the baby.



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