Not sure what is going on with my family lately.

Pumpkinhead has been very clingy/reverting to baby-like status and simultaneously agrressive.  This morning he kicked our dog!  I was furious and told him we NEVER express anger with physical violence.  Then Baby J kicked the dog tonight (he didn’t see Pumpkinhead so not sure where he got that idea).  Pumpkinhead responded by hitting his brother.  :sad:

The new baby is being induced next Friday, Oct. 25.  Came home last night after working until 9:30 p.m. to a counter full of dishes and Mr. V asking me “what do I do when Baby J poops in his underwear?  I wasn’t sure so I put it in a baggie and left it on top of the washer.” :evil:

Came home tonight and what do I see?  1) Bag of poopy underwear still on top of washer, 2) shorts and poopy underwear on floor in front of washer, 3) ONLY two items of Mr. V’s clothing washed in washer, 4) overflowing basket of dirty laundry in my bedroom (plus FOUR baskets of clean clothes that need to be folded in my spare time), 5) a sink/counter full of even more dishes, takeout containers and a dishwasher full of clean dishes, 6) two half-full sippy cups and a spilled jar of artichoke hearts in my fridge.

Baby J has decided tantrums are the way to go (again, wondering if this is pre-baby nerves).  He melts down at every transition and I have a horrible time getting him ready in the morning as he throws himself on the floor while I try to get him dressed with my enormous belly in the way.

Did I mention enormous baby?  While I had worse health issues in prior pregancies, this one is just incredibly uncomfortable.  Doctors said he was 6lbs at 32 weeks.  My inner thigh nerves are on fire from the pressure, my legs are swollen and now he is kicking my belly and making me vomit?  Plus side?  Have gained TWO POUNDS!  Lost a ton from vomiting and higher metabolism due to baby-growing.  Maybe I should go on the HCG diet when I am done.  :smile:

I. Am. Done.  37 weeks pregnant this Sunday, Baby J’s birthday party this Saturday (and no cake ordered yet), a TON of homework to be done including one 5-page paper due tomorrow and another assignment due Friday, a temporary staff member to train, a permanent staff member who keeps over-promising and under-delivering (and lying to me!), an intern who keeps forgetting she works for me, several policy documents to write and publish, a new system to launch and train 15 people to use, two baskets of infant clothes to fold and put away, a hospital bag to pack, etc., etc., etc.  LOSING MY MIND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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