On the rails

My final year of law school started yesterday.  Wills & Trusts, Remedies, Community Property, Admin Law, Virtual Law Practice and Fundamentals of Patent Law.  Trying to stay ahead because this year will fly by – all classes turn every 7 days instead of the normal 11, leaving very little breathing room.  I also ended up with As, Bs… and a C- in Evidence for 3L.  If I had gotten a D, I would have had to repeat my Entire. 3L. Year.  My 7 study buddies all got Cs and one got a D and is repeating.  If that had happened, I literally would have quit.  Fucking California rules.

As I mentioned previously, work has gotten super stressful under new boss.  He has decided to bring back a colleague who was fired a while back for totally fucking up and one colleague and I had to clean up that person’s mess.  He’s doing this because they are buddies.  Apparently he doesn’t realize how pissed certain executives are with this individual or the extent of the mess caused.  Not sure how but the fired colleague made people think that the individual was a super awesome person – I suppose I can see how giving up critical indemnity provisions (without approval) to get the deal done quicker would make the business happy in the short-term.  :evil:

Anyway, to follow up on his prior antics, boss decided to tell one of my colleagues not to get herself knocked up because he has too many pregnant people in his group.  And the reading comprehension test he gave to all of us (3 lawyers and myself)?  Only given to the females….

So, 21 weeks pregnant and in 4L, I am looking at other options.  One of our senior counsel has moved to a different division and is staffing up so I’m looking at potential roles in that division – either in Legal or the Ops side doing contracts.  But it would mean working for someone who has a history of “mean girl” behavior and also moving offices/losing awesome daycare.  The upside is longevity, earned maternity leave, other benefits, etc.  I’ve also been approached to apply for several positions at outside companies but know it is a longshot for those roles once they see the big ole baby belly.

Mostly I’m just depressed.  I could live with the sexist pig for a while if I had to. Married and divorced one, heh; at least you know what you’re getting.  But bringing former colleague back?  And the drama/divisiveness within my department already?  Not sure I can take the cumulative stress.

Trying to end post on a positive note, so thankful to Butterflyfish for sending me a ton of business clothes during my time of burgeoning belly crisis.  It’s so awesome to have you MILPs out there for support.  :D

7 thoughts on “On the rails

  1. I enjoy your blog, I am a legal secretary (going on 30 years, wow), and working thru paralegal school, and I think my life is stressful (I’m currently ordered to bedrest to avoid hospital stay during a severe asthma episode)? You are doing so much more. I’m too old to think about law school but I enjoy finding blogs by law student/moms. Congrats and hang in there !!

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