The stress, you guys, the STRESS!

So many things I can’t really blog about, either because the overwhelm/upset me too much or because my only free time with work, law school and two kids is in the 15 mins I take to wolf down lunch and read the news or check social media (and, of course, don’t want to blog from work).

Do you know what a RIF is?  As it applies to my work, it’s the second one on this list.  5% this month and 5% next.  Globally.  My boss was one of the first.  Then they let us sit and wait for FOUR days before telling us who would be in charge.  The person in charge is a somewhat known commodity but new boss seems to have been picked to promote us and get us “out there”.  Unfortunately that means that my already overloaded department is getting no help or guidance and instead being “advertised” so we can take on even more work.  For the first time in forever, I have brought my laptop home several nights in a row and on the weekend.  (Whether I used it is another story).  The 45-50-hour schedule I had negotiated during law school in exchange for my former 65-70-hour schedule is looking like a pipe dream.  Great timing as I head into my 15th week of pregnancy and last year of law school.  :roll:

On top of the RIF, I have finals this month.  FIVE finals.  And whereas former boss was willing to give me as much (paid) time off as I needed to study, I felt unsure about new boss so am now taking all except two of the finals from my desk at work.  Argh.  Of course this same new boss was present last year when I took a redeye to a foreign country, worked all day, took my ConLaw final from the hotel and then took a redeye back only to work the next day.  So, yeah, high bar set already.

Of course when I get stressed, I get sick.  This past week I came down with a stomach bug and was off Monday.  I was fine-ish for three days and then lost it again.  Can barely eat (no bueno for baby) but have managed to keep liquids down. I’ve pretty much been in bed (or the bathroom) since Friday and, yes, had to leave mid-day.  New boss must think I am a total slacker AND that means a weekend of almost no studying for finals except the lectures I could listen to through my headphones and the supplement reading I could handle.  :sad:

In the middle of all of the above, Baby J had nightly swim lessons at 7p that required me to leave at 5:30 for two straight weeks (yes, the same weeks as boss firing/new boss starting).  Pumpkinhead also had Saturday therapist sessions cancelled TWICE by new therapist until she finally kept one this weekend.  During that session, in which he refused to sit his butt down, he admitted that our planned induction date makes him nervous because the church thinks it is bad.  UM, WHAT CHURCH?!?!?!  Isn’t that the Pentacostals?  We’re freaking Episcopalian, kid.  Halloween is barely discussed, except perhaps in the context of planning a trunk-n-treat event, and certainly not as it pertains to devils and such.  Geebus.  I blame my fucking born-again nutcase brother for this.  :evil:

As a cap to the hell-that-is-my-life-right-now, our car repair bill estimate of $3k soared to $4900 unexpectedly and a post-divorce credit card bill that Chapin was supposed to pay (but was joint) landed me in court facing summary judgment and, of course, the stupid/evil creditor law firm accepted my proposed $2500 settlement the day after the car bill hit.  And they want it paid by the end of the month.  FML, folks, FML!

(As a follow-up to crazy parents, I am reading some great books AAL recommended and trying to maintain distance.  They finally came by to semi-apologize and set forth their position and we have established something of a truce.  I can’t deal with the drama right now.  Of course my father is going manic-nuts on Mr. V now and drama is sure to rear it’s head again any day now.  Can I just get through finals?!?!)

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