Stress redux

The problem with not blogging in forever is that I’m pretty sure there’s only 2 people reading at this point.  But whatever.  This is an outlet.  Better, maybe, than my middle school diary that was in a box up high in a closet but somehow ended up in my son’s room.  :shock:

Stress-induced stomach bug last weekend turned into nasty cold this weekend.  Gotta love spleen-less immunodeficiency.  Pumpkinhead was up puking all night Thursday and then home Friday while I still had to head to the office. Baby J also has nasty cold and is using his t-shirt as a tissue despite the boxes of Kleenex we have in every corner of the room.

New boss asked my colleague what religion she is.  Actually, he asked her if she is Catholic and then kept pressing her for what she actually is.  I think he was fairly dismayed after a few guesses when she finally responded “spiritual.”

Then new boss gave everyone a reading comprehension quiz.  We negotiate multi-million dollar oil and gas contracts each day and he is checking whether we can catch the extra word in a sentence.  It all seems like a stupid, stupid game and it makes me mad.

Three finals this week.  My great aunt passed away yesterday and of course they have scheduled the funeral for the one day I have two of those finals and cannot attend.  Argh.

Iron infusion the following week.  My iron is in the toilet and I am feeling every bit of that.  Or that could just be the pregnancy.  16 weeks.

Week after that, I go away for business.  I need two full business days but it will take me a total of four days away from the office to get to and from this remote office location up north.  In order to maximize available work time, I’m taking the latest flight and getting back home at almost midnight.  Awesome. And since Baby J’s daycare is at my office building 45 minutes from home, that means we either need some help getting him there or a separate (expensive) sitter.  I’m thinking he needs to stay in preschool, particularly as he will be out for at least a week the following week.

Week after that?  Gender U/S on Monday the 17th.  Then Baby J is getting tonsils and adenoids out on the 19th, requiring an overnight stay at the children’s hospital and several days of hell at home.  New boss is thrilled that I will be out.  He can suck it (well, unless sucking it means he fires me in which case “so sorry but I’m doing it anyway and please don’t fire me”).  I am worried, thanks to blogger experiences like this one.

July brings Pumpkinhead’s 10th birthday. Cannot believe he is going to be 10 already.  :|

</ramble>  Gotta get back to studying for finals.

3 thoughts on “Stress redux

  1. I m a mom of a 2.4 yr old Boy. He is active, so active lol. I work full time at 2 flexible jobs for most part, one in brooklyn other in manhattan. Law school is starting august 26, please KEEP WRITING. I am definitely happy to stumble upon this blog.

    I have my mom who helps me tremendously and a fiance who I been with for 5 years nearly. But with a busy schedule, I definitely am looking forward to reading your blog. You seem pretty strong, even though I surely am apprehensive jjajaj.

    Keep u updated.

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