Playdates are a rarity in my house.  Had one today and it was weird.  First, the mother REFUSED to deal with my husband who she knows (scouts) and who handles these things generally because he is home more.  The playdate started at 1:30.  When I called her at 5 and suggested she pick her son up at 6, she said “maybe later so they can REALLY play.”  Um… that made me wonder if she just wanted to offload her kid.  We settled on 8.  As he was leaving, her son said “I thought I was staying until 9?”  (Why couldn’t she just ask for that upfront?!?!?!) The upside is that her child is very respectful, sweet and loves playing with Pumpkinhead.  I would have a playdate again.  Still, though, the Mom interaction was weird.  I like firm plans, in advance.  This drove me nuts.

Weekly MILP Roundup #290

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Mama Drama

It’s been a rough two weeks.  Pumpkinhead has mono, potential reflux/GERD and was diagnosed with early onset puberty requiring hormone treatment.  :shock:  There is also a major battle brewing at his school but that will need to be a separate post.  Baby J has strep, desperately needs a haircut and is being very TWO!  Mr. V has a bad cold and I have been torturing myself over-thinking a school assignment that I have ruminated over for way too long.

In an attempt to reduce my stress load, I have been asking for help.  I don’t do that, folks.  It is super hard for me.  First, I asked Mr. V’s stepmother if she’d be willing to watch Baby J every other weekend for a few hours while he napped and an hour or two after that so I could have a good block for homework.  She said she would be happy to and will let me know when she can start.  She’s a bit spacey so we’ll see.  Then I mentioned that to MIL and my parents and suddenly it was pile-on grandparents.  LOL!  MIL took the boys last weekend and my parents offered to start taking them to church every Sunday, followed by park/lunch and then home for Baby J’s nap.  That is perfect and worked very well yesterday.  :grin:

Because sitting is covered, MIL offered to fold my laundry.  Ha, sucker!  I was very reticent but she insisted.  MIL is very much the housekeeper.  I should have listened to my gut and said thanks but no thanks but instead I did my regular 16,000 weekend loads and sent Mr. V over with a ton of baskets.  Shortly thereafter, I get “the note.”  This is fairly typical.  Everytime she has an opinion, I get an e-mail passive-aggressively explaining why I am not as good as she is.  Mr. V says I take everything personally (true) and that it’s not always an indictment of me (BS).  Anyway, this e-mail?  Tells me it would be soooo much easier to handle this if the laundry was sorted.  Oh and Mr. V’s favorite towel?  “Garbage!”, she declares.  That tall basket with the broken handle?  Tossed out and replaced by one of her smaller white baskets.  Okay, thanks I guess.

Ladies, do you sort your laundry?  Keep the whites separately?  (I eschew white so we’d be waiting a damn long time).  Do you wash a basket for each kid, a basket for you, a basket for your husband, a basket for sheets, a basket for towels and a basket for hand-done lingerie?  Am I a freak of nature?  I really need this help because folding can’t happen when the kids are awake or Baby J decides to “help”.  If I do it when they are asleep, somehow it’s like a cattle call to all animals to come walk on or lay between my piles.  Can’t win.