So the qualitative blood test came back negative last night.  My body is playing tricks on me.  I must have some kind of virus because I am still super nauseated – even threw up again this AM. :oops:

Mr. V and I are both pretty disappointed.  Me even more so because 1) it takes a lot of work to plan a pregnancy – testing for ovulation, etc. and I like to be in control, damn it and 2) If I had gotten pregnant this month, I already would have had a September due date.  Every month we don’t get pregnant puts me further into 4L year and closer to the bar exam.  I told Mr. V we need to try to get this done by April at the latest.  Can’t see taking 6 weeks off for maternity leave followed on its heels by time off to prepare for the bar.  As it is, my boss thinks I should be able to work and prep for the bar.  No freaking way.

We also realized last night that the last time we got pregnant (a total Oops!), Mr. V was not yet on testosterone shots.  After I got pregnant, because he was having really low energy, his doctor tested him for low T, which is apparently very common in men past 40.  She put him on shots every two weeks.  We had forgotten that little aside that the shots can cause lowered (or zero) sperm count.  So Mr. V’s going to toddle off and see about that.  Hopefully it can be reversed quickly.  We both want a third child but I have no intention of getting pregnant in my late 30s and, if it doesn’t happen soon, it is definitely waiting until after the bar.  I can only do so much.

2 thoughts on “Untimely

  1. My brother and his wife had the same situation with the testosterone shots. A couple months off and he was testing fine! Good luck!

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