Busy Boys

Baby J is going to put me in an early grave. Unlike his older brother who was a very calm, contemplative, non-curious baby, Baby J is into EVERYTHING! Give him toys? No, he wants the iPhone, the glass on the side table, the laptop or the remote control. Don’t let him have them? Screams! He takes any opportunity to dart into another room or around a corner to chew on dirty shoes (his favorite – we even had to buy him his own Crocs just for chewing!) And he’s only just starting to walk. Once he takes off, we are so in for it! I had already babyproofed the household plugs (he has an affinity for cords) but today I padded the fireplace with edging and put a doorknob cover inside his nursery. I swear the child is going to take 10 years off my life with his daredevil antics.

And Pumpkinhead? Eight years old has apparently brought him to the sassy stage. The child is constantly questioning us and talking back. In addition, where he used to be really compliant with homework and school (except insofar as the ADHD impacts that), he is suddenly slacking. His homework sheets are a mess and he keeps losing papers. We’ve tried getting him a Trapper Keeper, asking him to use a folder instead of the three-ring binder (he always rips the sheets and plastic dividers), etc., but he inevitably makes a mess. His handwriting went from decent to atrocious and the teacher is reporting that he just won’t behave in the mornings. That said, she (and his science/math teacher) also called him “a future Steve Jobs” and praised his creative thinking and high intelligence. Wonder if he’s bored? In any case, he’s challenging!!

Parenthood: it ain’t getting any easier.

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