Maybe it’s PPD? This year so far has just been uber-overwhelming and stressful. Apparently THIS is what my aunt was talking about 11 years ago when she told a then-newly married me that the first year of marriage is the hardest. The first year of babyhood also sucks a bit, don’tcha know? :sad: Throw in little sleep, work stress, period coming back after 15 months and I’m not sure whether to cry, scream or hit. Unfortunately angry pissiness seems to be the rule lately, not the exception. I need to get over it, and quick, but I feel like a tumbleweed of resentment growing bigger with each rotation. Add in resentment at work/relationships there and the tumbleweed is more like a hurricane. Uncool. :evil: Send me “Put on Your Big Girl Panties and Deal With It” vibes, please, because right now I’d rather just pop in a pacifier and lay in the fetal position, shutting out life for a while.

3 thoughts on “Melodrama

  1. Big hugs. I think we all know how awful the resentment can be – you need help, you SHOULD be getting help, but it’s up to you to keep it from poisoning things. WTH? That’s a tall order – especially when you know you should be getting more help! Hoping things settle down at work and home.
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  2. For Me, it was the first three months of babyhood. It got easier after that, maybe because I went back to work and talked to other moms. I totally had ppd, with both children, although it was easier after the second one.

  3. Or you can put on your sexy girl panties, go have some fabulous cocktails with the ladies, and shift the burden onto others for awhile so you can take some much-needed mental-health time! I think that’s the problem we have that we can’t just say, “Oh guess what, I’m not doing it, so it’s your problem!” and instead, we suck it up, do what needs to be done, and then can’t figure out why we’re so fucking pissed off all the time. Boundaries! We must learn to draw the line in the sand and say, Enough!

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