The nice side of recovery from surgery is the great pain meds which keep me in a stupor and let me jump off the irritation/resentment roller coaster. Had successful breast lift/augmentation on Wednesday. Instead of full lollipop scar, I only ended up with nipple scars. And, eek, instead of the full C (397 ccs) we discussed, I ended up with 450ccs (D). Can’t really judge what it looks like yet because I have a huge wrap bra with gauze plus two very uncomfortable Armpit drains. Was in a decent amount of pain weds through Saturday but feeling considerably better today. The boobs themselves actually feel fine – just itchy. The pain really comes from the drains (yeow!) which kill every time I put weight on my arms.

I was supposed to return to work on Tuesday but now have to work from home because surgeon can’t see me for post-op until 2pm. Can’t hide the lumpiness under my shirt from these drains so going to wait until he removes them to go back.

Negatives: can’t hold Baby J but I can cuddle with him in the bed, rub his head, give him kisses, etc.
Positives: Pumpkinhead has been cuddling in bed with me, reading books and watching movies. He finishes second grade this week and is so excited for a summer that will include two trips out-of-state, a month on Chapin’s big rig and cooking camp. Mommy can’t believe he turns 8 in July!!!

MIL leaves Tuesday AM and I’m just hoping Mr. V can handle all the housework, laundry, etc., that I can’t do for a while…. In the meantime, back to passive dopey state.

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