Work, stress and pregnancy

I read something the other day that said that babies exposed to excess stress in the womb are more likely to have concentration issues. Hmmm.

Pumpkinhead has ADHD. I think it is hereditary and he got it from my brother, who he resembles way too much for comfort. As for stress, my pregnancy with him was sooooo low-key compared to now.

My average week lately:

Up at 7:30, 1/2hr+ answering emails, at which point adrenalin kicks in to get me off to work.
Leave home at 8:30 (Pumpkinhead can’t leave the house before then and I am NOT paying for before-school care!)
Get to work at 9:15/9:30 (often taking calls on the way in or triaging BB messages at stoplights)
9:30: Fill up my huge water bottle with ice/water and sit down to start the day. Pull yogurt, fruit, nuts, etc., from my bag as needed throughout the AM.
1:00 p.m.: Realize my bladder is about to burst and I can no longer ignore the hunger in my belly for lunch or the need for more fluids.
1:05 p.m.: After refilling water bottle, heating or otherwise preparing food and peeing, I return to my desk.
7:30 p.m.: Mr. V calls to tell me to get my ass home. I either tell him “tough” and work another 2-3 hours or I go home. However, I inevitably realize at this point that, again, my bladder is ready to burst because I have consumed 32oz of water and not peed a second time (although sometimes I take a break around 3-ish if I have a meeting on another floor)
8:30 p.m.: Home, eat, hug Mr. V and Pumpkinhead.
9:30 – 10 or 11: Back on VPN checking and responding to work emails and trying to get ahead for the next day.

It’s not that bad… Every Friday I bring work home with great intentions and every weekend I sleep in (yay Mr. V) and basically lay on the couch, exhausted from the week, in between errands. Don’t actually get any projects done except e-mail triage (I have literally sent 30 this weekend…).

Push back? How does one do that?!? Ask CCC… not sure she can tell you either. Her son’s teacher’s comment hit me because I am sure my son’s teacher is saying the same.

P.S. I am going to totally slack this week. Mon – OB/Gyn appt at 4; Weds – Mom comes in from Dubai at 4 at airport an hour from my work; Fri – tasting at country club at 3:00.

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