A few of the recent searches bringing you all to my blog

weekly MILP (Moms in Law Practice) Roundup of recent posts by other lawyer-mother-bloggers – Yep, you have found it. Also at A Little Fish in Law School.

single parents in law school and law school single mom – Not impossible if you’re going full-time. Pretty horrible if you’re going part-time, to be sure! Support is essential.

how to study for part time law student,mom – I tried to study before work while Pumpkinhead was asleep, during my lunch break and then all day Sunday while my ex-husband watched Pumpkinhead. Never quite worked out. My classmates definitely had a competitive advantage. Another classmate would leave and go to the law library to do it. If you have a supportive spouse, I would do that. My ex-husband wasn’t supportive of my leaving the house and gave me a lot of guilt about the amount of time I was not spending with our son.

stealing and sex and stolensex- What would you be stealing? Kisses?

what does matt logelin do for a living Man, you people are obsessed! All your questions, including this one, are answered here

non trad law mommy – Anyone who attempts law school while parenting is “non-traditional”, judging by the number of young 20-somethings in law school. Heh.

sounds awesome weekend – You must be bored if you’re searching my blog for weekend fun ideas!

my attorney sent wrong information to immigration – Welcome to the club. You’re kinda screwed.

legal secretary blog – There have been some good ones out there, mostly focusing on tips and tricks to assist legal secretaries in their craft rather than exposes. Man, attorneys are paranoid! With good reason, perhaps, because some of you are crazy freaks.

where is cee She is here. And she’s guest hosting the Roundup next week. Enjoy!

severe acne and aphasia – Both suck. Not sure how they are related, though, unless the acne infection has gone to your brain?

“law school” and “weekend classes” – Good luck with that!

mils pics – Yeah, see above! We know each other but it is rare that we will share pics with you. See the attorney paranoia thing above.

passive aggressive mother – Oh, do you have one, too?

spouse overly friendly with secretary – It is good to have a good relationship with your secretary. My former boss’s wives and I also had good relationships. That is the key. Is she friendly to you? If not, be worried! She’s hiding something from you, whether it has to do with her relationship with him or with his activities.

secreterial workload problems – What’s the problem? If you are the secretary, try to find ways to streamline your work. There are lots of tips and tricks on the web. If you are the boss, you need to help her prioritize by telling her the things that you want her to put at the top of the list.

i am giving money away – Ooh, can I have some?

working pt and being mom – Lucky. Working part-time? Yep. Lucky!

homemade christmas presents – I hate you. This search came in on July 13. What kind of freak starts working on Christmas in July? Grrr!

lawyer mommy work life balance blog – Try Lag Liv.

letter to request retainer back – I can’t give you a letter but you should read your engagement letter. Sometimes attorneys can keep them (like my stupid immigration attorney). Also check state bar requirements. Sometimes the state bar grievance committee can assist you.

i would date myself sign – That’s getting a bit desperate, no?

dating single parent sleeping with person – I presume you’re asking how to go about sleeping with a single parent? There are many schools of thought. 1) Do it when the kid is gone with their other parent. 2) Do it when the kid is asleep. 3) Get a sitter and do it at your place and then let him/her leave. Just remember that the kid comes first when you’re dating a single parent and that you both have to be comfortable, whatever the situation.

What happens if my husband failed his immigration interview? Deportation? Not good. :(

mac law students Once you go Mac, you never go back! Just check to ensure that your school’s testing software and other offerings work with Mac.

roux-en-y regrets and “weight loss” balance memory aphasia – Look under my Health category. Ugh.

immigration law lucrative – In the sense that many forms-based practices can be lucrative because paralegals can do a lot of the prep work, sure. But hard because you have to keep up with the changing laws and the whims of different USCIS offices.

green card interview 6 months still no reply from uscis – We had to wait almost a year. And that was a good 7 years ago. These days, good luck!

womens pornLiterotica has a great article on how to select and purchase porn

do single law students have an advantage over classmates with boyfriends/girlfriends- Yes. And over those with husbands and kids. But only in terms of study time. They still have to be smart.

milf field – Is it a career choice? Hmm…

“legal secretary” “horror stories” – Ha. Got a few hours? Seriously, though, any legal secretary worth her salt (and any who wants to keep working in her town) will probably keep them to herself.

nz tattoos of kiwi birds – See my Characters page for a picture of mine

are you open to the possibility to marry – Sure

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  1. Sometimes I look at what brings people to my blog, sometimes I don’t. Having read this list, I’m definitely going to keep a closer eye on the stats…it could make for some fun entertainment.

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