Feeling Adored

I’m in single mommy relationship heaven. :grin:

Mr. V always says Pumpkinhead comes first and means it (i.e., his actions reflect his words).

Mr. V met Pumpkinhead and wasn’t awkward, weird or strange, which for an almost-40-year-old man without kids or even nieces/nephews is, I think, kind of awesome.

Mr. V isn’t afraid to speak up if Pumpkinhead is acting innapropriately and tell him to cut it out. I like that.

Mr. V is seeking out things we can do together as a group, but is also finding things for he and I to do together alone. I really, really like this because it shows that he is not just trying to woo me as a Mommy but also as a Woman. Some men tend to take an all-or-nothing approach.

Last week Mr. V let Pumpkinhead play his race car game on his iPhone. Pumpkinhead loved it so Mr. V went out and got Mario Kart for his WII so that Pumpkinhead and he will have something to play when he comes over to visit. Awwww. :mrgreen:

Then he sends me a text and says, “Cirque du Soleil is coming to town in July. We should totally get tickets and take [Pumpkinhead]!” Awww.

Finally, and this is what hooked me originally, he wasn’t supposed to meet Pumpkinhead until this weekend because we were taking things slow. He had sent me an e-mail a few weeks ago and mentioned that the movie, “Up” was coming out this weekend and suggested that perhaps that would be a good first meeting activity for them. Quite honestly I had completely forgotten it. Yesterday we were talking and he mentioned the movie in passing. Is it just me or is it totally swoon-worthy that the man remembered and is still excited about taking me and my kid to see a movie this weekend? (Or maybe he’s just a kid himself and wants an excuse to go see it. LOL.)

P.S. Last night I had to drive across town to pick up Pumpkinhead and was then supposed to meet someone on the complete opposite side of town to pick up something I had agreed to buy for Pumpkinhead. And I’m totally coughing up a lung and ready to pass out. When I mentioned the across-town trip to Mr. V, he fussed at me for not asking him to do it and said, “You need to rest!!! If I go do this for you, will you promise me you will go get into bed and rest like you should be?” Seriously?!?!?! I am so used to narcissistic men and to being the caretaker that I have never, never, EVER had someone do that for me without some sort of guilt trip. Yep, I am head over heels for this guy. :cool:

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