Crazy/confusing/weird weekend

So this weekend was weird. Really weird. A reminder that this blog is a place for me to get my thoughts out, like a journal, and that those thoughts change as time goes by.

So this Saturday, Mr. V and New Roomie came to see my apartment and the storage space and brought New Roomie’s three boys to meet Pumpkinhead. Which meant Mr. V met Pumpkinhead. Apparently even though I know we discussed the fact that she was bringing the kids to meet Pumpkinhead, I needed to explicitly connect the dots for Mr. V. Either that or he was fine and New Roomie’s explanation of his reaction to things was over the top. Both she and her 12 year-old said that he was “really upset” when he found out he had to meet my kid (and my Dad). Ultimately it went just fine and I think any emotions on Mr. V’s part were due to the fact that he hadn’t shaved and wanted to be prepared in some different way. I don’t think you can really prepare for that but I know he wanted to take Pumpkinhead to a movie later this month and have that be the first meeting. I think he was putting too much pressure on it. It worked out fine. Well, sort of…

New Roomie has very little control over her kids. They race around like little maniacs and her 12 year-old talks back to her like you wouldn’t believe. After an hour’s drive with them, Mr. V was tossing around words like “vasectomy”. :lol: We went to Lowes to pick up items for the house and that is where the problems started. The kids were crazy. New Roomie wasn’t organized with a list like we had discussed and we couldn’t seem to get it together. I think we spent two hours there and got half of what we needed. Argh. Then we dragged everyone out to lunch (so the adults could get a stiff drink!) only to find that we had to wait 20 minutes for a table and then listen to the kids freak out while we waited for food. Again, as I explained to Mr. V later, their behavior was appropriate for their ages (2 and 5) and the fact that it was way past their naptimes, but it was still stressful.

The afternoon involved a lot of rain, car trouble, a soaked couch and ultimately my missing both of the events I had planned to attend because of all of those issues. But it was a good thing because just as I was about to get my groove on with Mr. V (yeah, kids have HORRIBLE timing), I got a call from New Roomie who was hosting a pizza party/sleepover for all the kids at the new house to hear that my kid was vomiting. So not only did Mr. V get to meet my child, he also got to host him for the night on his couch while he vomited every hour on the hour from 11 p.m. until 4 a.m. :shock: Thank God Mr. V had a working washer/dryer. Bleech.

It’s not as bad as it sounds. We woke up the next morning, had coffee and relaxed in front of HGTV while Pumpkinhead played with the Pug or his Nintendo. It was very pleasant and peaceful and Mr. V seemed much more relaxed than when he was with the large group of kids.

Unfortunately Sunday was a day filled with miscommunication and problems between New Roomie and Mr. V. And New Roomie apparently dragged in Old Girlfriend who started talking smack about Mr. V. New Roomie felt like it would be appropriate to share said smack with New Girlfriend because New Roomie was angry with Mr. V about a bunch of issues related to the house (which is Mr. V’s parents’ house that New Roomie is leasing). New Roomie started warning me about Mr. V and things I should watch out for, particularly related to his age and inability to adapt to new things, such as small kids. It was all very uncomfortable and I was stuck in the middle. Ultimately I told New Roomie she needs to talk to Mr. V directly about her issues with the house. And I told Mr. V that Old Girlfriend is talking smack. Then I made the mistake of re-reading his old blog entries and seeing that he called Old Girlfriend a “wow” girl, too. Hmmm… :sad:

Yesterday I was painting my new room and supposed to meet him afterwards for dinner with Pumpkinhead. However, he had my phone (charging it) so I lost track of time. I thought everything was fine. We hadn’t set a time to meet and he came over to meet me so we could go. He was teasing me and seemed fine to me. However, New Roomie said that he said several times how I was “late” and how he was upset that I hadn’t come over to wake him up at 6. I’m not sure what to believe or why he wouldn’t have just had that discussion directly with me instead of talking behind my back and then pretending all was well (not even sure that’s what happened, although both New Roomie and her son said he was really upset with me for being late). That won’t earn him points in my book. Especially when I had been up all night with a sick kid and had spent all day working my ass off to get a room in move-in condition. But then again I know him and he was probably just grumbling. If he was seriously upset, he should have told me. I don’t know…

Yeah, taking things slow, trying to believe that he is as enamored with me as I am with him. Ultimately just trying to be honest and above-board. With him. With myself. With my blog (and blog readers). I adore him. I’m happy. And I’m confused. And, as usual, taking more of the guy role in the relationship — wooing, initiating, teasing, etc. Someone once asked me if I take care of everyone else, who is taking care of me? :???: Still not sure I have that answer… (or that I would even let someone – but I like the idea).

12 thoughts on “Crazy/confusing/weird weekend

  1. Sounds like a lot going on. Hopefully things will settle down once you get moved in. I just hope you can tolerate the crazy kids (personally, I only like my own kids, everyone else’s kids drive me nuts!)

    And I wouldn’t worry too much about Mr. V’s bitching about your lateness. I HATE waiting on people and always get cranky and bitchy when someone is late. But I always get over it as soon as I see their bright smiling faces.

    LC’s last blog post..I will not wallow

  2. I have to catch up on some of your earlier blog entries, so I’m not sure who New Roomie is exactly… It sounds like she has a prior history with Mr. V. All I can say is that twice while I was reading this, some red flags went up in my head when New Roomie started telling you things that Mr. V “felt” that he didn’t directly communicate to you. It sounded to me like she is inappropriately inserting herself into your relationship with Mr. V by trying to “help” you know what he is thinking, when it’s completely between you and him to discuss whatever is going on between you or how he is feeling. I have a (good) friend who has done that with my guy and I, because she was friends with him first. I think it’s a control thing, she wants to feel in control or just generally doesn’t recognize that it’s not always appropriate to facilitate between two people in a relationship. I’d talk to Mr. V about it. Maybe she’s misrepresenting the truth, or maybe she’s not. Either way, it’s not her job to communicate for him.

    jeguidetolife’s last blog post..train’s a’comin…

  3. p.s. In my experience, I always come away from times where my friend tells me things that my BF “said” to her about issues feeling weird, uncomfortable and mistrustful of my BF. Then I talk to him about it and he gets annoyed at our friend, because she usually put her own spin on what he said or portrayed it to be more important than it actually was. After several times of this, he’s come to see her as potentially being a wedge between us, and is more guarded around her. My point being only that I can understand why you’d come away from this weekend feeling weird.

    jeguidetolife’s last blog post..train’s a’comin…

  4. Dang girl. It sounds like too much of everyone assuming and talking behind backs. Just get everyone in a room and talk this crap out! Sheesh!

    Hope this week is better.

    T’s last blog post..Soccer Mom

  5. Oh man, sounds like a train wreck ahead. I am not so sure about this new roomie. I am happy that you are able to leave your parent’s home, but I agree with a previous poster, that red flags are starting to stand up. I am not sure what Roomie’s relationship is with Mr. V, sounds like she is pretty wrapped up into him and will have her beez wax up in your relationship. I am not sure what Mr. V has told you about her. I am thinking he wouldn’t have recommended you move in with her if she had major issues. I just don’t know about the whole thing. I wish you and your son the best.

  6. The moving in with her was not Mr. V’s idea. He didn’t really know her like this. We’re both seeing a new side of her. He had a looonnnggg talk with her yesterday and so did I about rules and boundaries. She needs to talk to him if she has issues with the house she is leasing from him and she needs to NOT talk to me about my relationship with him if she’s going to go report back to his ex-girlfriend. Both Mr. V and I are serious about our relationship and not wanting this to blow up. I think it will work out as long as we are both on the same page and working together (i.e., not listening to her). My son adores her kids. I think that it will work out temporarily, but we will see…

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