36 Days In and the Ultimate Walk of Shame

Mr. V first e-mailed me on March 22. Last night, on Day 35, he took me out on our first “formal” date (i.e., dress-up event) and introduced me to some of his friends. We had a fantastic time. We went out to dinner first and he had me literally rolling with laughter. Then he took me to a local hotel where one of his friends had rented out a space for the “anniversary of his 25th birthday.” :lol: Yes, it appears that most of his friends share his quirky sense of humor. We took pictures, laughed, ate yummy cake, then made our way back to his house for, yes, a super-successful evening of “private time.” Yeah, forget earlier post. :mrgreen:

But this morning, I had the Ultimate Walk of Shame experience. Woke up, snuggled with Mr. V for a good long time, called to check in on Pumpkinhead and arrange to meet my parents to pick him up for church. Was sitting on the couch with Mr. V when he kissed me and said, “Not to rush you out the door, but you have to meet your family in about 40 minutes.” Since he lives in BFE (i.e., the complete opposite side of town) and cannot come to me right now because he has yet to meet Pumpkinhead, he was right that I would need that time.

So I go to get dressed. Pick up the bag I brought. Ball gown? Check. Pajamas? Check. Clean underwear? You betcha. Toothbrush? Absolutely! Shirt? Yep. Pants? Um… Yeah, had to call my Dad and have a little conversation that had Mr. V almost falling off the couch he was laughing so hard. :oops: Then had to do The Walk out to my truck in PJ bottoms, lacy red underwear and a shirt. Yeah, that was fun! Having my Dad pull up and hand me pants along with my child was certainly an interesting experience in my Single Parent Dating Calamaties File. :lol:

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