My kid is so freaking adorable. :) I love, love, love him. He was pulling his pants up after using the bathroom and going to wash his hands. He’d left the pants down a bit and I said, “Baby, I can see part of your bum.” He looked over at me, smirked and pulled his pants down further, “Well now you can see it all.” ROFL. He’s such a ham! Then a little while later he came into the bathroom as I was getting up and he smacked me on the butt. Yes, he has picked up naughty habits from his father.

Anyway, after we read our nightly chapter of Double Fudge, I started singing, “You Are My Sunshine.” He decided to squeeze my face in a variety of ways to make the sound come out funny. Then he started laughing so hard he couldn’t breathe. When he caught his breath, he softly touched my cheek and said, “Oh Mommy, you make me laugh so hard! I love you.” My heart melted.

Of course then he tried to convince me that I needed to stay and cuddle all night long. He laid on top of me and pushed on my arms and said, “I’ve got you. You can’t move! HA!!” :lol: I told him I had to work and he said, “Just tell your boss that you are taking a day off to be with your boy.” Awww. I explained that it was work for school but he was stuck on the job theme. He said, “Mommy, I wish you could get a job where you can stay home all day and make lots of money for Nintendo games.” I said, “Oh honey, if you find me one, you just let me know.” He said, “Yeah, cause then you could come to my school and see me every day and you would know when I get a star!”

Sweet boy.
P.S. Got a packet in his folder last night. The gifted and talented coordinator has referred him. Uh-huh. :cool:

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