DivorceCare this morning was all about how we can regain our “purity” and set boundaries with our prospective mates to please God. The video actually said something along the lines of “God thinks wild and fulfilling sex is awesome… when it is inside the marriage covenant.” Yes, I understand. And I also understand the idea that having sex with someone who doesn’t respect your boundaries about sex or who treats you like an object is not going to help your self-esteem and foreshadows their inability to respect you on other issues. That’s the point, I believe. Date and marry Christian men who will respect your boundaries. Don’t act like a ho to validate yourself. Must have missed that part in Sunday school.

But I promise that I did not laugh when they said, “Oh, and masturbation is just not acceptable in the eyes of God. Pray for Him to fulfill your desires in other ways.” Okay… I might have snorted a bit. I did, however, fall out of my chair when the priest on the video discussed pornography and its special place in the Devil’s toolkit. :lol: Hey, I was raised by a pair of free-spirited hippie Christians. They are all about God’s Word… but in terms of bodies and sex and all that stuff, freedom and happiness (preferably, but not necessarily, with a husband) were their words. Thank God. ;)

You should have heard the woman who had been married 30 years. She practically sputtered and said, “But what if you wait until marriage and then he is bad?!? I just cannot go through that again!” ROFL.

One thought on “Purity

  1. Dear God, please fulfill my desire for hot kinky solo-sex in other ways. Thank you…. I don’ know what God would think of such a prayer. I wouldn’t have been able to keep a straight face!

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