Big Ass Truck, Anyone?

Chapin called this morning to tell me that, with higher single person taxes and child support coming out of his check, he will not be able to make the payment on the Tundra. :shock: Never mind that he is living on his (18 wheeler) truck and not paying rent. MotherFlower!!! :mad: What’s the big deal, you say? Well even though he “owns” the truck under the divorce agreement, the financing is in both of our names because he couldn’t afford to refinance it on his salary alone and because I needed to keep his name on the house. So I either pay for the truck (AGAIN – paid last month and each month before that) or screw my credit. MotherFLOWER!!!! Anyone want to buy a big, beautiful red sports package 2007 Tundra for $30k? :lol:

2 thoughts on “Big Ass Truck, Anyone?

    • Nope. Chapin refused to sell but tonight I think I convinced him to put it up for sale since he can’t afford both insurance and the car payment on top of rent, child support, etc.

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