Gearing Up

My mother took Pumpkinhead to school to meet his teacher yesterday. My cousin is a first grade teacher at the school and it turns out that Pumpkinhead’s teacher is her best friend. Yay. Pumpkinhead is now seriously excited to get started. We have his backpack and purchased all of his supplies through the PTA so they will be waiting for him Monday morning. I have enrolled him in a karate after-care program. I think the structure and discipline will be really good for him and he was thrilled to see the dummies he can wail on. LOL. I can’t believe my baby is starting kindergarten!!! I am going to take him in on Monday and take lots of pictures and then head over to the DMV to try to change my name on my license.

I have received all of my books for classes. Fortunately I only have one huge one for Torts. The other classes use several smaller books so I should be able to handle the weight load. I can’t believe class is starting again so soon!

Blue Eyes is coming over in a little bit to let my singer/songwriter mother help him tune his new guitar. Then we’re dropping Pumpkinhead off at a local care center for craft activity time and he and I are going to go get massages. I have an appointment for hair color and cut at 2. Need to take my book for class so I can get some reading done while I wait for the color to set. It’s my mother’s 58th birthday today and her sisters are coming over to whisk her away for some girl time. Then next weekend we are supposed to go to New Orleans. Not sure if that is still on for a few reasons but we’ll see. The hotel rooms we bought on Expedia are non-refundable so I imagine we will go. We’re taking Pumpkinhead to explore and have booked a cooking lesson and a jazz lunch. Should be nice and relaxing. :P Hope the rest of you have fun Labor Day plans.

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