I have been walking around with my iPod permanently in tow these days. I plug it into my cassette adapter in my car and then plug my headphones in as soon as I leave the car. My windows stay down/car roof open so that I can sing at the top of my lungs (yes, I am that girl). When I’m out of the car, I have apparently forgotten my grandfather’s admonition and now turn the music up so loud I cannot hear anyone or anything. It’s a nice little escape. Unfortunately one of my friends has been sending me goofy/dirty songs with lyrics that just should not be sung in polite company and now I have a particularly non-PC one stuck in my head. Argh. Must return to iTunes tonight to block the goofiness out with some Melissa Etheridge classics and maybe a little Aerosmith thrown in for good measure. I’m usually a country music girl but lately I’ve found myself returning to the 90s. Any recommendations for good angry rock “work out your feelings” music?

More Than Words

Eight years of marriage and time has taught me that men are not very complex creatures. As The Manual says, men usually reveal a lot about their true nature right up front but women are so googly-eyed or nervous that they ignore signs or think they can change the person.

This post may sound like the prelude to some deep reflection on my relationships, past and present, but it is really just a random musing courtesy of my iPod. I was listening to Extreme’s More Than Words on my drive in, a song that was a staple of my middle school dance-and-drama experiences. I suddenly realized after all this time that the guys sound like they are singing some sweet, romantic song but really it is about sex. Basically they are telling us that men truly aren’t interested in conversation and if you truly love a guy you should just give it up at his whim. Lol! I have been singing along to this song for years, never realizing what a sexist, pressure-filled plea it was. Crazy!

So ends today’s random musing.