Repatriating Uninsured Immigrants

The New York Times has a piece today about the increasingly common practice of repatriating immigrants, both documented and undocumented, who are critically ill and cannot afford ongoing medical care. While many states have victim assistance funds for people injured during a crime, such as the drunk driving accident that left the main subject of this article brain damaged and requiring lifelong medical care, the funds are limited and meant to cover limited hospital bills, not years of care in a nursing facility.

I’m not sure what to say about this practice. On the one hand, if I were a family member in the victim’s homeland, I would be happier to have them home with me. On the other hand, you’d hope that the governmental medical facilities in the people’s homeland would be better equipped to care for them. The medical care in rural Guatemala, especially if you don’t have the money for supplemental private care, is very basic and the facilities extremely crowded. This story is pretty heart-wrenching.

Moving on

Googie Baba says that it looks like the divorce is suiting me fine (or something like that). I guess so. I think I’m just in denial about the fact that I need to process everything and, with Chapin out of the country until Wednesday, I haven’t had to face reality.

That said, I got a swift dose today when my uncle, cousin and father showed up to move all of my furniture out and into storage. The poolhouse looks awesome and is much bigger than I thought now that my stuff is in here. Thank goodness. Now I just have to continue moving my crap over here and packing up the little stuff left in cabinets at my house. See messy room pics below (doors to come on closet; can’t see bar but it’s great and just needs to be cleaned off):


Chapin called today and is PISSED that Pumpkinhead has to sleep in the house while I sleep out in the poolhouse. My parents are building a connecting walkway and bathroom, but it will take a month or so. I told Chapin that Pumpkinhead can sleep with me if necessary but the reality is that he has a nice room next to a full bathroom and my parents are right next door. I am maybe 30 feet away from his bedroom door. Geez.

Had a nice date (no sex) with a sweet guy on Thursday night. After dinner, the guy came back to my house for a tour, had a coffee with me and great conversation, and then left for his house while I went to get Pumpkinhead. Pumpkinhead tried out the local hourly childcare facility and had such a blast that he was begging me to go back more often. LOL! Yay for that.

Unfortunately Friday brought Pumpkinhead’s ear tubes/adenoid surgery and that turned into tonsil removal as well. :( He is pretty miserable but loving all the ice cream he can eat (when he can swallow it). Thank God for codeine and for my wonderful mother who is taking the week off to stay home for him. Doctor said no return to school for a week and no rough activities for 10 days. Ugh.